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Málaga is full of great beaches. With agreeably warm temperatures and bright sunshine which invites you to lie down in the sand and relax,  the coast of the Sun



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The climate in Malaga is extremely moderate in winter, with very mild minimum temperatures. The summers are hot, though tempered by the city's proximity to the sea.



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We can go with you to visit the best venues for your celebration.

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Ceremonie set up, music, Dj, classic car, flowers, decoration...

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Planning a wedding is a mixture of feelings – It is the most special day of your lives, yet it is also very costly.

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All the venues, fincas and hotels know us, and they know our work.

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Video and photo services

We offer the best souvenir for your wedding in Spain: Photo and video services.

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Listen to what you want, not what everyone is telling you that you are going to have.